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“Mt. Prospect Baptist Church began hosting an annual Juneteenth Celebration over 20 years ago in Rock Hill, SC to recognize the national observance of our African-American ancestors who survived the inhumane institution of bondage, as well as to demonstrate pride in the legacy of resistance and perseverance they left us,” says Dr. Love Mills-Byrd, the inaugural Juneteenth Rock Hill president. The church along with community leaders has expanded the celebration to further acknowledge this pivotal moment in history. Today, Juneteenth is promoted as an example of self-development and respect for all cultures, and we are fortunate to partner with the City of Rock Hill to present a weekend long celebration showcasing our rich history and community.

About Juneteenth Rock Hill Incorporated

Juneteenth Rock Hill Incorporated is a committee comprised of community leaders and supporters who came to organize and implement a multi-faceted annual celebration of historical, charitable and educational events observing the customs and cultures of African Americans. Juneteenth is recognized as an observance marking the end of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth Rock Hill is a weekend of celebration with speakers, education, live entertainment, family gatherings, food and a time of reflection and rejoicing to commemorate Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated memorial of the ending of slavery in the US.

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